Ever wondered if you would get a benefit from personal training?

Ever wondered if you would get a benefit from personal training?

INJURY PREVENTION – Have you ever suffered pain that has limited your function so much you’re your only focus has been to escape this pain? Then once the immediate pain is gone, returned to your normal lifestyle and never carried through with you thoughts to reduce the risk of the pain coming back. This is a cycle we see so often, and one that often results in the same debilitating pain returning. Muscle strains, tendon overload injuries and joint pain can all be prevented when you are given the right exercise program with an experienced and intelligent personal trainer. Make today the day where you can make that resolution that you are going to do some positive work to get your body pain free, and keep it pain free with some injury preventing strength exercises.

TECHNIQUE & FORM – Resistance exercise and lifting weights are very beneficial for strength, toning and weight loss gains, but can be very dangerous and cause injury unless you are taught the right technique to protect yourself from injury. When fatigue sets in during exercise, you may start to adopt techniques that are doing you more harm than good. You can be ensured that I will be watching each repetition to make sure it is done properly and that you get the result your after.

MOTIVATION – You are not alone in struggling to find time and motivation to exercise. Because your time is precious, you should be making the most out of your exercise time. Whether its rehabilitation, weight loss, strength gains, improving bone density, or injury prevention, we can ensure that the time you spend exercising with your personal trainer is focused on achieving these aims. You will be amazed how our personal trainers will push you along, and find strength in you where you never knew you had it.

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE – After discovering your goals, we will develop a program that is set specifically for your body, your fitness level and your goals. The constant consultation with experienced sports physiotherapists also ensures that any concern you have and discuss with your personal trainer is managed in the best way it can. There is no safer way to exercise when every repetition and every second of your work out is designed specifically to help shape you into a stronger, lighter, pain free happier you for the future.

Published May 21, 2014


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