Growing Bodies

Osgood-Schlatter Disease: Causes, Symptoms, and Management

Osgood-Schlatter Disease Osgood-Schlatter Disease is a common condition that affects the knees, primarily in adolescents, particularly during growth spurts.  It is characterised by pain, swelling and tenderness just below the kneecap, where the patella tendon attaches to the top of the shin bone (tibia).  This condition is most commonly seen in physically active children and…

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Everything you need to know about Physiotherapy

Discover everything you need to know about physiotherapy, what physiotherapists do, how they help, and when you should seek advice from a physio. Our warm and friendly team at Malvern Physiotherapy Clinic is here to answer all your questions.  Have you been feeling a constant pain in your muscles or building tension in your body?…

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Back-to-School Tips from our Physiotherapists’

As we begin to settle into the new school year, parents have an important role to play in ensuring their children have a healthy, active, and pain-free time at school. That’s why we’ve asked a few of our physiotherapists to share their top tips for helping kids get ready for back to school. Children experience…

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Back to School Tips

With a new school year already upon us, there are a few things you can do to help your child prepare and ensure a safe, active and healthy lifestyle. Backpack It is important your child’s backpack fits correctly so the load through their back is distributed evenly, which can prevent issues such as back pain….

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Demands on the shoulder joint in swimming

Swimming is a fantastic sport that most Australians are introduced to learn at a young age. Programs such as Nippers at surf life saving clubs and other swim programs at local pools provide further opportunities to keep young swimmers involved in the sport. Moderate volumes of swimming are often tolerated well and unless there is…

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Progressing to pointe in classical ballet

Are you ready to commence work en pointe? Perhaps one of the most exciting times in a young dancers life is when she puts on her first pair of pointe shoes. The excitement and trepidation of making the transition from demi-pointe to pointe is incredibly exciting, however without guidance, this transition may just result in…

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Resistance Training for Children – Why you should start now?

Over the last 25 years, the overwhelming evidence has shown that resistance training for children and adolescents has a number of significant benefits, including injury prevention, improved athletic performance, faster recovery, and general well-being. The research clearly indicates that an appropriately designed resistance program can benefit youth of all ages and in fact a failure…

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Bag pain / Back pain

As thousands of students start the school year, physiotherapist Hina Chauhan discusses why heavy backpacks can be detrimental to young developing bodies. What sort of problems can school bags cause? When packed and worn correctly school bags pose no serious harm however, overloaded backpacks can cause a large range of problems ranging from neck and…

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Use of orthoses (a.k.a. orthotics) in children

Orthoses or ‘orthotics’ are devices that we use in shoes to modify the load distribution through the foot. Most people associate orthoses being prescribed only for people suffering from foot, ankle and shin issues, but research has shown that they are able to change the loads placed on knees, hips and the spine as well….

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