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Demands on the shoulder joint in swimming

Swimming is a fantastic sport that most Australians are introduced to learn at a young age. Programs such as Nippers at surf life saving clubs and other swim programs at local pools provide further opportunities to keep young swimmers involved in the sport. Moderate volumes of swimming are often tolerated well and unless there is…

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Sports Performance Program

With the stop and start nature of how COVID-19 have affected most sports this year, it is very likely we will see an increase in new injuries as growing bodies are subjected to the rigours of sport and activity. Malvern Physiotherapy Clinic is pleased to once again offer the Junior Sports Performance Program this year,…

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Blood flow restriction strength training

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) strength training is a new option in rehabilitation for those needing to increase muscle size and strength, and who also need to reduce the stress on their joints. Even though BFR is new in terms of Western clinical application, there is over 40 years’ worth of research that has gone into…

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The benefits of strength training

Strength training is typically seen as a way to mould, shape and develop the human body. It achieves these changes through controlled loading of muscle, tendon and bone tissue resulting in a physiological response – this is to synthesize more tissue in the areas of load. However its benefits are not just the superficial changes…

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Training advances to reduce overuse injuries

Training programs set for professional athletes have changed over time as physiotherapists and the sports medicine profession improve their knowledge about how the body responds to exercise. Not so long ago ideas dreamt up by coaches were tested on their elite athletes, and the effectiveness of these programs was measured by the athlete’s performance. These…

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