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Your local team with extensive experience

We've been proudly serving Malvern and the local community since 2012, with our team's diverse experience offering the highest standard of care across a range of injuries and conditions.


Our Core Values

Foster knowledge

At Malvern Physio, we pride ourselves on our expertise and experience, you’ll find our practitioners to be humble and approachable. We offer an open door and a generosity of knowledge in each and every session.

Embrace family

We’re a local family business, and we treat all clients as if they are part of our family. The Malvern East Clinic is an environment where people can support each other with kindness, honesty and thoughtful care. We are people you can trust to make a difference, in a place to feel at home.

Build strength

We want you to find the freedom to be active. You’ll find a positive spirit runs through every part of our business – the strength of our convictions and our genuine desire to always do better. We want to empower you to become the best version of yourself.


We care about what we do and how we do it. We go above and beyond to deliver tangible health solutions because we genuinely care about our clients. That means we observe; we listen; we understand; we help. For us, it’s about people before processes, being empathetic to deliver personalised care.

A Higher Standard of Care
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Practitioners with the experience and skills to assess and treat specific conditions

With our team all bringing a diverse set of skills, experience and areas of interest to our clinic, we have the benefit of guiding to you the therapist(s) best suited for your specific condition. Please contact our friendly reception staff if you would like us to recommend a therapist for you.

A wide range of specialist equipment on hand

We support our therapists in diagnosing your condition and its underlying causes with a range of equipment available in the clinic to conduct the most thorough assessments. A deep understanding of your condition is critical for your therapist to not only treat your condition, but to prevent it from reoccurring – and specialist equipment such as our hand-held dynamometer and real-time ultrasound help us to achieve this.

Longer appointments for successful treatment

Comparing prices when reviewing a product across providers is something we all do, however this becomes difficult in the world of healthcare where the standard of service can vary so wildly. While our standard appointment may not be the cheapest of the clinics you review, our standard appointments are longer to allow our therapists to accurately and effectively treat your condition. Being treated by our skilled team, you may find that less appointments are needed and that you can potentially avoid unnecessary scans or interventions throughout your journey to recovery.

Guided by evidence-based pathways

Most conditions we encounter can be successfully treated by one of our Physiotherapists, Myotherapists or Remedial Massage therapists, with our team committed to ongoing professional development to treat you with the most up to date information and advice. With this in mind, we’re also comfortable to let you know when we might not be the best service to treat your condition and we’re happy to find a provider who will be a better fit; such as a Chiropractor or Osteopath.


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