Pre-Operative Physiotherapy

Let us help you to prepare for your best chance of a successful surgery. We'll educate you about what you'll experience, and plan your treatment at each stage of recovery to help you bounce back quicker.

What is Pre-Operative Physiotherapy?

Pre-Operative Physiotherapy (also known as Pre-habilitation) involves working through a tailored, Physiotherapist-designed exercise program to improve your strength and function before surgery. Exercises are targeted towards muscle weaknesses and limitations in movement to optimise joint function and prepare the joint for surgery.


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Before your operation, there are many questions you may have that your surgeon or other doctors may not have the time to discuss in detail. This is where our Physiotherapists can help – having treated many others who have been through the same surgery and completed the rehabilitation process afterwards, we can help to educate you about the surgical process and what to expect along the way.

Pre-habilitation increases your chances of successful surgery by familiarising you with exercise programs before you experience surgical pain, as well as educating you on what you can expect through the process. Pre-habilitation can also be used to decrease your chance of injury in sport and exercise through preventative exercises.

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