Post-Operative Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists are the ideal people to help you navigate through major or minor surgery to joints, tendons, bones or muscles. Let us assist in your recovery and help you to bounce back quicker and stronger with Post-Operative care.

What is Post-Operative Physiotherapy?

Post-Operative Physiotherapy can assist in the recovery from a number of surgeries and procedures. Some of the most common conditions we will help to treat post-surgery include: knee joint replacements, hip joint replacements, ACL reconstructions or other knee ligament repairs, rotator cuff repairs in the shoulder, shoulder stabilisations or surgery after shoulder injuries, ankle and foot surgery, fractures affecting the leg, body or arms.

We also have extensive experience in the post-surgery treatment of minor procedures, such as arthroscopic procedures. Sometimes there are small changes in your body that you may not be aware of, that we can help to identify and address to ensure that your surgery is as successful as it can possibly be.


Common conditions we treat

Your treatment plan will likely include a range of strategies, such as:

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