Pregnancy and Post-Natal Physiotherapy

Let us guide you through exercises that are suitable at different stages of pregnancy and motherhood. We'll help you to build and maintain essential muscle strength to navigate the changes to your body both during and after pregnancy.

What is Pregnancy and Post-Natal Physiotherapy?

Pregnancy and the post-natal period involve many transformations to your body. During these times, it is essential to maintain muscle strength and fitness to cope with the many changes that will occur. It’s important to choose appropriate exercises during this period to look after your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles without injury – that’s where we can help.


Common conditions we treat

How we can help

Our Women’s Health Physiotherapist can not only guide you through an exercise program tailored to your stage of pregnancy or motherhood, but can also assist in treating the common conditions that pregnant women and new mothers often face.

In addition to her general training, Hayley Runting, has completed further study in the area of women’s health giving her expert skills to help assess, treat and guide you in your recovery after birth. Hayley has spent many years working in maternity hospitals and private practice focusing on areas of women’s health, and loves to help women at all different stages of pregnancy and motherhood.

In addition to working with individual clients, Hayley also runs our specialist Pre- and Post-Natal Clinical Pilates classes which focus on building core muscles including guidance on how to retrain the pelvic floor muscles, along with building overall strength and fitness.

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