Hand-held Dynamometry

Using one of the latest tools to measure muscle strength and function, this strength assessment helps to ascertain any weaknesses in the body and which exercises will be best to treat them.

What is a hand held dynamometer and how can it help?

When your physiotherapist is completing their assessment, they will always aim to get the most accurate information they can. Accurate and clear information about your body and the reason that your injury has occurred, ensures that they can be targeted in their treatment and guidance. Not only will this make sure you are doing the right exercises to fix your complaint, it will possibly save you time and money on wasted appointments and treatment sessions.

Muscular balance and muscle strength is very frequently a large part of why injuries occur, and although your physio can get an impression of how strong each muscle group is, without this piece of equipment we are not able to be very accurate. A hand-held dynamometer however can give a clear objective measure of each muscle group to know whether you do have weakness or a muscular imbalance.

And its not just in the assessment phase where a hand-held dynamometer can help, it is also fantastic to show improvement in your strength and help to decide when you are ready for the next phase of your rehabilitation.

This piece of equipment is just one of many things we might use to help diagnose your injury, provide you an accurate prognosis, and help you return to what you want to do as quickly as we possibly can!

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