TeleHealth Physio Consultations

Get the expert advice and treatment of our practitioners from the comfort of your own home. Conducted via video link, we will be able to talk you through your condition and provide the same advice and individualised attention that you would get in our clinic.

What is Telehealth Physiotherapy?

With the advent of video-call technology, we’re pleased to be able to offer consultations with our expert practitioners via video link for those who cannot attend our clinic in person, or simply prefer the comfort and convenience of their own home.

Just as we would for an in-person session, your Physiotherapist will cover a thorough history of your condition or concern – how it started, what the patterns are and how it troubles you. From this information, your therapist will be able to form a solid understanding of what the condition could possibly be. They’ll then talk you through how to do particular tests and movements to replicate the same physical assessments we would perform in our rooms. This will further guide your therapist in identifying your condition and assessing how to best treat it.

From here, we can provide guidance on what self-management techniques may work to help, the dos and don’ts for your issue, and lots of practical information around how to manage it. We use a video based exercise software called Physitrack to create a self-management program that will be emailed directly to you, walking you through this step by step as we set it up. This program also has an associated app, PhysiApp, that can display your exercises and help you track your progress on your mobile device.


Common conditions we treat

How we can help

All you need for this TelePhysio session is access to a computer or smartphone. Instructions will be provided to you on which free program or app you need to download to access the video link once you have finalised your booking.

A large number of health funds have nominated to support Telehealth physiotherapy sessions in the same way they do for in-rooms treatment. Please check directly with your health fund for more information and to confirm their participation.

Although we will typically find that we are able to gather the information quicker in person and be able to complete a more extensive number of tests for your condiditon, TeleHealth appointments are a great option when this is not possible.

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