Women's & Men's Health Physiotherapy

Get treatment and management for any condition specific to women's or men's health concerns and work with our expert practitioner who holds post-graduate training in pelvic floor physiotherapy.

What is Women's and Men's Health Physiotherapy?

Both women and men may be reluctant to seek treatment for their pain or condition for fear of embarrassment. We know how important it is to offer meaningful treatment that gives you the relief you are looking for, in a private setting where you can discuss your concerns openly with our expert practitioner who has years of experience working with individuals at all stages of life.


Common conditions we assess and treat

How we can help

At Malvern Physiotherapy Clinic, we’re proud to offer the services of a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist. Hayley Runting is post-graduate trained and has spent many years working in maternity hospitals and private practice focusing on areas of women’s & men’s health. She loves to see the freedom and confidence that can quickly return when people experience a fix or improvement in these conditions.

After assessing your condition, Hayley will create a personalised plan and treatment approach for you. This may involve exercises to optimise pelvic floor muscle strength, improve how the body functions and to address any underlying factors for your condition. If you are feeling pain, discomfort or are limited in your activities due to your condition, Hayley will work with you to alleviate your symptoms and help fix or improve your condition.

Hayley can also conduct Pelvic Floor checks to help ascertain and optimise your pelvic floor strength across pregnancy and throughout the postnatal period. These assessments are to help women be ready for birth as well as regaining the strength to return to their goals following delivery.

If you suspect your pelvic floor is problematic or just want to check its functioning well, you can book your detailed assessment online or by contacting reception.

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