Real Time Ultrasound

See what your muscles are doing in real time with our ultrasound machine. This is one of the best ways to learn how to activate deep muscles and make sure your body is getting the support it needs.

Real time ultrasound to retrain your muscle patterns

Learning to activate and perform exercises that focus on muscles close to the surface are difficult enough. When it’s a muscle that is deep down below the surface that you need to learn to use, this can be very challenging indeed. One of the developments in technology that has greatly helped the process of learning how to turn on your deep muscles, is a piece of equipment called a real-time ultrasound.

This ultrasound machine will show you in real time the tightening of your deep muscles so you can know whether you are learning the exercise correctly or not. It is then from this knowledge of how to do the exercise correctly, you can keep practicing this exercise at home.

What conditions is a real time ultrasound helpful for?


**As we have specific therapists who are trained to use this real-time ultrasound machine, please contact reception to enquire as to which therapist would be best for you to book with**


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