Tips for a Safe and Active School Year for Your Child

Tips for a Safe and Active School Year for Your Child

The start of the new school year has arrived and as a parent you want to ensure your child has the best possible experience. One important aspect is making sure they have a safe and active lifestyle. From choosing the right backpack to promoting daily physical activity, here are some tips for a safe and active school year for your child.


When shopping for a backpack, it’s important to consider not only the design but also how it will fit your child’s body. Research has shown that moderate-weight backpacks do not have a negative impact on the adolescent back, but a poorly fitting one can. So, choose a backpack that currently fits your child and make sure to use any waist or chest straps to distribute the weight evenly. Also, encourage your child to keep both straps on to share the load across both shoulders and consider using extra padding to support the shoulders.

Appropriate Footwear:

Wearing proper footwear is crucial for preventing injuries and staying active. As your child will be engaging in physical activities at school, choose shoes that provide the necessary support and comfort. Encourage your child to wear comfortable shoes, especially if they walk or bike to school. This will not only prevent injuries but also promote physical activity and an active lifestyle.

Staying Active:

Daily physical activity is essential for maintaining good health and well-being. Encourage your child to walk or bike to school, as this is a great way to stay active. It may also be beneficial to set aside some time each day for exercise or outdoor play. As a parent, you can act as a role model by staying active yourself, which will encourage your child to follow suit.

Desk Setup:

Spending several hours sitting at a desk each day can take a toll on your child’s posture and lead to back and neck pain. To prevent this, ensure their desk is properly set up. Use an adjustable chair to support a comfortable posture, and consider a laptop raiser or separate computer screen to avoid neck strain. Additionally, setting dedicated study and break times and encouraging your child to stand up and take breaks every 30-45 minutes can help prevent back and neck issues in the long run.

As a parent, you want the best for your child, and facilitating a safe and active lifestyle is one way to ensure their well-being. By choosing the right backpack, wearing proper footwear, staying active, and maintaining a healthy posture while sitting, you can help your child have a successful and healthy school year. Remember, small changes can make a big difference in promoting a safe and active lifestyle.

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Published January 31, 2024


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