At Malvern Physiotherapy Clinic in Malvern East, it is our commitment to provide you with expert care and attention from when you first see our therapists until your injury/concern is fully resolved.

Our commitment to you is:

To provide you with The Complete Care

To welcome you warmly into the clinic

To be sensitive your needs

To be polite, friendly, knowledgeable & helpful

To treat you with respect

To comply with the Australia Physiotherapy Privacy Policy

To, when possible, contact you prior to your appointment time if your therapist is running late.

Our service to you will be:

To deliver you with high quality treatment by our well-trained staff

To assist you with our Online Booking system should you wish to use it

To endeavour to deal with any enquiries on the spot or within one business day

To respond to any online/telephone queries within one business day

To handle any complaints promptly & professionally
To provide you with a wide range of Pilates class times so you can find one that fits in with your lifestyle

To do anything we can to make you feel comfortable

To continue to adapt to your needs wherever possible

You can help us by:

Being on time for your appointment

Communicate with us promptly should you need to make any changes to your appointments

Providing honest feedback to friendly staff on your experience with us

Reporting any problems/issues you notice

Being flexible to support our growing clinic

Thank you for:

Being loyal to our clinic

Being on time for your appointments

Providing our friendly team with feedback

Cancellation and No-Show Policy

Our cancellation policy is twelve (12) hours. If you cancel an appointment less than twelve (12) hours before your scheduled appointment time, you will be charged a Late Cancellation Fee. You are unable to use any private health insurance etc for this fee.
If you do not attend your appointment without prior notice, ie. Non-Attendance or No-Show, you will be charged the full consultation fee of your appointment. When cancelling, you can contact us by phone (preferable), or email.

Cancellation of a session by us
From time to time, we may be unable to provide an appointment that was previously scheduled due to unforeseen circumstances. In this instance, we will do our best to have another practitioner take your appointment. If it becomes necessary to cancel, we will endeavour to contact you as soon as practicable.

Physio-Led Exercise Class (Formerly Clinical Pilates) Policy​​

To best tailor our sessions to your needs, and to comply with physio-led group exercise regulations, we must complete an initial assessment with you. This is a 60 minute, 1:1 session with a physiotherapist. In this session you will:

1. Review your medical history, past injuries and current issues, complete specific assessment tests to assess function, and also discuss your goals for these sessions.

2. Ask the physiotherapists any questions you may have.

3. Learn basic principles of Pilates.

4. Develop your base exercise program with the physiotherapist that will be your starting point for classes.

The physiotherapist will discuss your options with you, and progress you to the 1:3 groups as appropriate. We have created a ‘Term Structure’ to follow to make bookings easier. The Term Structure is as follows:

– Bookings for the Term Structure needs to be done with one of our reception team.

– We break the year up into terms based on the public school terms. We still run classes during the school holidays.

– You can take up a ‘permanent place’ in one or more of our 1:3 group sessions. This is a weekly booking into the same class.

– Once you agree to your group time, this place is yours until it no longer works for you.

– You will be booked into this time weekly unless you tell us otherwise.

– By taking up a permanent place under our Term Structure, you agree to pay upfront for your classes each term, known as a ‘Term Pack’. You will receive a 10% discount for this pack.

– Before the start of each term, we will contact you via email. In this email will be: The dates for the following term; A request to contact us if you have classes you won’t be able to attend eg. for holidays, work conflicts etc.

– If we do not get a response from you, we will assume you are able to attend all classes that fall within the next term.

– To calculate the Term Pack, we will: 1. Remove you from any sessions you are unable to attend. 2. Determine how many sessions you will be attending, and multiply this by our discounts group price. Eg. There are 12 weeks in term 1. You are unable to attend 2 sessions. Your pack would be 10 x Discounted price.

– The term pack is to be paid within the first week of each new term.

– You will still be able to claim private health insurance on these sessions. However, we are unable to claim for you PRIOR to a session being completed. We will email you the receipt at the end of each term for you to claim.

If you are under the Term Structure and are unable to attend a session that you had previously paid for:

– Please give us as much notice as possible.

– If the cancellation is for illness, you will be able to use the credit for this session and any time in the future. Ideally, we schedule you for a make-up session.

– If the cancellation is for any other reason, you must do a make-up session to use this credit, or forfeit the credit.

– A make-up session must not be your usual class.

– A make-up session must be used within the same term, or within the first few weeks of the following term, depending on the timing of the missed class.

Casual bookings are available, however this availability is opened after we have booked patients under the term structure. For casual bookings, you will need to pay the full cost per session. These bookings can be done through our online booking software.
If you are booking casually and are unable to attend a session previously booked, the standard cancellation policy applies.

Use of your private health insurance:

In most instances you will be able to claim your session using your private health insurance. We use the group therapy code 560 for our Clinical Pilates group sessions. Private health insurance companies dictate what they will cover and how much they will pay. If you wish to find out more, please contact your insurer. However please be aware that your private health insurance company may change their rules and that is out of our control.

Right to Refuse Service

We reserve the right to refuse service to any individual who is disruptive, rude, or threatening the safety of our patients and staff.


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