Fun Runs

Fun Runs

In the lead up to the Mother’s Day Classic, and whether you’re planning on competing a 5km or half marathon, it’s always great to be prepared. Here are a few of my top tips on how to make the most of your fun run experience!

Good Footwear

The importance of having good running shoes, in good condition is paramount. Running in worn out or ill fitting shoes can result in injuries or sub-optimal performance. Running shoes are designed to last approximately 6 months, or 600km – 800km, so check the mileage on yours.

Cross Training

Overuse injuries are the bane of a runner’s existence. Continually pounding the pavement can result in inadequate recovery, biomechanical irregularities and / or imbalances. By switching out a running session (or two) for cross training session help you reduce this risk. Plus, it can have added benefits, such as increasing running efficiency and power.


Tapering allows the body to rest before a big event, and although some people think that this will result in a loss of fitness, the reality is that in the last few weeks or days, it’s the rest that makes you stronger. Studies show your aerobic capacity doesn’t change at all! You length of taper will depend on your distance.

Be Prepared

Especially if you are new to fun runs, make sure you have a checklist and prepare everything you’ll need the night before. You don’t want to be rushed or forgetting things in the chaos of the morning. Also, ensure that everything you use on run day has been tried and tested. You want to ensure you’re not battling chafe from a poorly designed top or blisters from new shoes.

Have fun!

Don’t forget to have fun. Trust that you have done everything you can to get to this moment and enjoy the atmosphere!

Written by Hina Chauhan

Published May 5, 2016


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