Frequency of exercises for shoulder impingement

Frequency of exercises for shoulder impingement

A research article published in the International Physiotherapy Research journal in June 2010, looked at frequency of exercise therapy in shoulder impingement pain and the long-term outcomes achieved. Shoulder impingement is a very common shoulder injury seen by physios and almost always involves muscle imbalance around the shoulder. This imbalance in conjunction with other structures reduces the space available just above the ball and socket joint, resulting in pinching with some movements. We see shoulder impingement both by itself and in combination with other shoulder injuries.

This particular study involved two different groups that were the same statistically at the beginning in both pain and function scores. The groups were given either a high-dosage of exercise or a low-dosage of exercise. Both groups performed the same exercises three times per week; however the high-dosage group performed more repetitions and sets of each exercise.

The results were measured at the end of the study, and followed at 6 and 12 months after completion. At all times the high-dosage group rated significantly better compared to the low-dosage group, in that they had significantly less pain and better shoulder function.

What does this mean for you?

Part of our physiotherapy training guides us how to identify latest research and findings in assessment and treatment. This means we can then provide you with an ideal treatment based on good quality patient trials. In some circumstances we will be quite specific in the exercise dosage we ask you to perform as this has been shown to get you recovering more quickly.

Published January 22, 2014


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