Giving Back Community Initiative

In the spirit of giving back to the community, we are launching a special initiative aimed at supporting someone who has tirelessly put others before themselves yet needs physiotherapy sessions they cannot access or afford. This program is designed to acknowledge and assist someone who has been selfless in their actions, by offering them up…

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What is Hypermobility Syndrome

What is hypermobility? Hypermobility refers to excessive joint laxity and range of motion. There are numerous causes of joint hypermobility, including genetic factors or development after trauma/ injury. It is more common to find generalised hypermobility in women, especially children and adolescents. An inherent loss in stability is often a result of an issue in…

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Ever wondered if you would get a benefit from personal training?

INJURY PREVENTION – Have you ever suffered pain that has limited your function so much you’re your only focus has been to escape this pain? Then once the immediate pain is gone, returned to your normal lifestyle and never carried through with you thoughts to reduce the risk of the pain coming back. This is…

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